Insiders guide to reversing the gas tax hike

Insiders guide to reversing the gas tax hike

By Eric Eisenhammer

How many times have we been promised our gas tax dollars will go to improving roads?

Our roads remain a disaster and prices at the pump only get higher as Sacramento piles on the taxes.

The key is to elect honest leaders who will end the theft and abuse. 

I’m only sharing this article with people associated with the Gas Price Reduction Institute. 

The purpose of this guide is to build an army to overturn Sacramento’s abusive gas tax increase.

How do we do that?

Before I give you the answer allow me to share my qualifications. I’m CEO of a political consulting and digital strategy firm called Dauntless Communications. We’ve worked on dozens of major political campaigns in California and Nevada, and we’ve won races that everybody said were unwinnable. 

Why am I sharing this guide here and now? 

Believe it or not, I actually care about eliminating the gas tax increase. That’s my truck you see on this page. It’s got over 150,000 miles on our state’s horrible roads and it creaks and rattles a little.

We’re all getting robbed at the pump and the politicians aren’t even spending the money on roads! They admit it openly!

So without further ado, here are the steps to stop complaining about gas prices and actually fix the problem:

  1. Our candidates must explain the issue in clear and simple terms people can understand. Everybody’s busy. Nobody can read a book-long report and people won’t look up your $5 words in the dictionary. 
  2. Use social media. I know what you’re thinking. Hey Eric, everybody knows that. No, man. Facebook’s not the same as it was 5 years ago when you could just start a group and reach a boatload of people. Everybody’s there now so you need to be operating at a high level to succeed.
  3. Communicate with people the right way. Email open rates are plummeting. What do people look at? They look at texts. Use a text program to reach your audience, and drive them from there to your website and social media. Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign was propelled by an innovative text program that now is considered the gold standard.
  4. Fundraise like there’s no tomorrow. The number one reason we didn’t repeal the gas tax last time we had the chance was how much money the special interests spent. $47 million freaking dollars! Don’t believe me? Click here. The key to successful fundraising is to identify the donors most likely to donate to you and then reach out to them. What you don’t want is to waste your time asking for money from people who don’t have money to give or wouldn’t be interested in donating if they did.
  5. Have a slick website. Your website is the hub of your campaign. It’s where people go to donate, to volunteer, to request signs. It should be working for you by bringing in money and volunteers.
  6. Know your audience. Talk to people about what they care about. Ask them.
  7. Focus on presentation. From your own appearance, to your logo, to your mail, everything you present should look top notch. Let’s be real. We all like to look at things that look pleasant, and lots of people will go with something that looks nice without even looking into it.

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