California poised to have the highest gas tax in the country

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Gas Pumps

79.18 cents per gallon of gas? Even though California’s July 1st, 5.6 cent gas tax increase may not sound as bad as the 12 cent increase endured in 2017. However, the cumulation of all the various taxes and fees paid by Golden State motorists has almost reached a dollar per gallon.

CA Gas Tax: 47.3 cents/gallon

+ Federal Gas Tax: 18.4 cents/gallon,

+ Other state gas fees: 13.48 cents/gallon…

= 79.18 cents in taxes and fees per gallon of gas for Californians

Experts say California will likely never see gas prices below $2 a gallon and that gas taxes may even be more expensive for businesses.

Click here to read the full article at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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